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Private Label Toys

Toys That Glow 40% to 100% Plant-Based 

We Can Make Your Toy Aisle GLOW
With Plant-Based Products

Our Glow Toys Are Made in the USA

  • From design to production, we do it all from our USA based facilities.

  • 100% Sustainable Plant Based Resin made in the USA

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Our Plant Based Material

What are Our Plant Based Toys Made From?
  • Kids for Green Toys™ materials can be used to make any type of toy.

  • ​Kids for Green Toys™ use a plant-based material resin with 40% to 100% plant-based material.

  • Kids for Green Toys™ packaging is certified compostable.

  • Kids for Green Toys™ bio resin is BPA free.

  • Parents want to know that the products they buy will not harm the environment. Offering a toy that is biodegradable appeals to today’s environmentally – conscious consumers.

Get to Know Eco-Friendly Toymakers:
"Are they really green toys or are they just green washing?"

  • Lego – Promised to convert sustainable materials by 2030, investing $150 million in research to find alternatives to plastic and is on track to meet its target of using only sustainable packaging by 2025.

  • Mattel - The multinational toy manufacturer aims to use only recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastics for toys and packaging by 2030. DNG SPORTS™ - Kids for Green Toys™ is already doing this.

  • Hasbro – Has pledged to eliminate plastic packaging by 2022. DNG SPORTS ™ - Kids for Green Toys™ already has certified compostable packaging.

  • Luke’s Toy Factory – Produces eco-friendly toys from recyclable, organic wood composite combined with plastic to make products with 40% less plastic than the average toy.

  • Green Toys, Inc – The largest player in the waste-to-toys industry, uses recycled milk jugs, but not green, sustainable or bio based like DNG SPORTS ™ - Kids for Green Toys™ is doing right now.

  • DNG SPORTS ™ - Kids for Green Toys™ has done that and more. We have made toys with 97% less plastic and packaging that is bio-based plastic. Our glow disc have 60% less plastic than other disc on the market today.


We have made toys with 97% less plastic

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